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Featuring professional audiobook narrators who narrate romance and erotica titles. 

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Hello, authors and publishers! We know you work hard creating worlds and characters for us to fall in love with. It's stressful figuring out plot, tension, and the Dark Moment, all while adding in humor and sizzle!

We have a little contest going on so you can take some down time, pour some bubbly, and pamper yourself. It may be just the thing to recharge your creative spirit or get in the mood for some romantic...research. 

You can win this box of Happiness from LUSH! (Or if they're out of stock, something similar).

Just comment below! After you hit Post Comment you will be directed to fill in your name and email address. This will add you to our mailing list, but we won't share that info with anyone (we know how to keep a secret). We'll send a newsletter every once in a while highlighting narrators and sharing other fun info. 

Runner up will receive a STARBUCKS Giftcard, because we know writers need coffee and/or tea. We'd send a back-rub too, but that would be awkward. 

Winner chosen Monday, March 27, 2017...because Mondays suck. This will make that Monday suck less. For one of you. 

Contest is for writers and publishers, please. Fans, we'll post another giveaway soon!

*You don't have to purchase anything, though we'd love it if you scrolled through our About section and take a listen to our narrators.*

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