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Romance Narrators is a cooperative collective of experienced narrators with a proven track record in the Romance Genre. Our site offers a boutique casting experience with a curated, diverse roster of narrators who can fully produce exceptional audiobooks, from beginning to end, and provide online marketing support for our new releases. Please take a listen and find the perfect voice for your next book!
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Romance Narrators at Apollycon 2019!

Hi y'all! Savannah Peachwood here. 🍑

We had a blast at Apollycon 2019!

Romance Narrators Andi Arndt, Emma Wilder, Karen White, Lia Langola, Savannah Peachwood & Tanya Eby met in Washington, DC in March to meet authors & listeners to chat all things audiobooks! 

Lia Langola, Savannah Peachwood, Karen White & Emma Wilder

Lia Langola, Savannah Peachwood, Karen White & Emma Wilder


The weekend started off with a bang with an Audiobook Lovers Panel!

Romance narrators Tanya Eby & Andi Arndt talked with author Sarina Bowen and moderator Natalie Naudus about the ins and outs of audiobook production.


We gave away tons of free audiobooks! Here are some of the winners:

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giveaway gif 2.gif
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We saw old friends and made new ones! And we clearly had no fun.

Nope. None at all. 

Shout out to the babes of Aural Fixation for the fans!

Ever had Emma Wilder bring you coffee? *heart eyes*

Creepin’ on author/narrator Tanya Eby at her signing table

We love you, Aural Fixation!

The Lyric Audiobooks team: Andi, Camia & Marni

Natalie, Savannah & Karen

Pillow signing!


A very furry assistant

Karen, Amelia, Savannah, Emma & Lia

A listener created their own custom bookmarks!

The lovely Marni of Lyric Audiobooks

Brian hearts Amy ( & we heart Amy, too)

Claudia flew across the world to Apollycon!

Peachwood & Wilder: We’ll solve any crime by dinner time.

Thank you so much to the Apollycon team for having us, and to the authors & listeners for making it such a wonderful weekend!

Hope to see you at Apollycon 2020!

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