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Romance Narrators is a cooperative collective of experienced narrators with a proven track record in the Romance Genre. Our site offers a boutique casting experience with a curated, diverse roster of narrators who can fully produce exceptional audiobooks, from beginning to end, and provide online marketing support for our new releases. Please take a listen and find the perfect voice for your next book!
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Audiobooks Are A Whole New (Lucrative) World


 Let introduce you

to a whole new (lucrative) world.

by Andi Arndt



For much of the decade, audiobooks have been the big story in the publishing industry, setting growth and sales records every quarter and showing no signs of slowing.  Still, as a self-published author, you may be unsure whether audio is right for you at this point in your career.  Even if the time is ripe, and your fans are clamoring for audio, you may be unsure about the budget, casting, production, distribution and marketing of your audiobooks, which can be overwhelming.

RomanceNarrators to the rescue!  A few dozen of us who love narrating romance--and coordinating production for authors-- have created a boutique casting site. We were in Atlanta at RT to introduce ourselves and answer your questions, in panel discussions (Audiobooks 101 for Authors), in-person casting sessions (Meet Cute:  Author-Narrator Speed Dating) and even a session about marketing (Where Is Your Listening Audience?).  We also had a bazaar stuffed with narrator swag and answered your questions.

Did you miss RT but still want to know more?

Here are a few important things to know: 

  • When in doubt, retain your audio rights. You want to have a say in whether and how your work is brought into audiobook form.


  • You have a menu of options when it comes to creation and distribution of your audiobook, and your narrator-producer can advise you of the differences.


  • Narrators are independent freelancers. We work for many publishers, but we can also work directly for you, providing turnkey audiobook production from PDF to retail-ready download.


  • Some romance fans only listen to audiobooks and rarely or never buy print or ebooks. When a romance fan hears good things about your books and types your name into the Audible search field, are you there?


We'll be covering these topics and more this year on our blog here at Feel free to post any questions you have now and we'll start answering! Also, check back for more blog topics and giveaways. 



Andi is busy delivering her calm, cool and clear sound from her broadcast quality studio in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Through her production company, Lyric Audiobooks LLC, which includes a team of editors and proofers, she delivers fully produced, finished audio and often travels to other studios to direct and produce audiobooks for indie authors.

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