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Romance Narrators is a cooperative collective of experienced narrators with a proven track record in the Romance Genre. Our site offers a boutique casting experience with a curated, diverse roster of narrators who can fully produce exceptional audiobooks, from beginning to end, and provide online marketing support for our new releases. Please take a listen and find the perfect voice for your next book!
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Meet Narrators And Talk Audiobooks At RT 2017

You want to meet some narrators?

Maybe you're a fan of romance and erotica audiobooks, or maybe you're a writer, publisher, or agent looking to cast your next book. And maybe scrolling through a bunch of clips feels a little cold. Well...good news. There's a whole gaggle of us going to Romantic Times 2017 in Atlanta, and you can meet us there! 

Here's what we're up to:


Take a screen shot so you can know where to find us!

The INTROVERT SCAVENGER HUNT is a great way to meet and interact with narrators and win audiobook prizes and other goodies. 

SWOON-WORTHY AUDIOBOOK VOICES gives you a little insight behind the scenes with how narrators translate from the page to the ear and is hosted by Audible. 

AUDIOBOOK-101 gives valuable insight for producing an audiobook either on your own or with a publisher.

AUTHOR-NARRATOR SPEED DATING is where you can really meet and greet some of those voices you've been swooning over. This fun event is intended for authors, agents and publishers to have a few minutes and meet a narrator one-on-one, before the bell chimes, and you're on to the next one. It really is like speed-dating, only you don't have to pay for lunch. 

WHERE IS YOUR LISTENING AUDIENCE gives you basic production info for creating audiobooks, but takes it a step further with insight on how to reach your audience through reviews and marketing choices.

BAZAAR BOOTH is where you can pick up special narrator swag and talk to people in the business. 

So there are plenty of ways to meet your next voice, or to say hi to someone you've been listening to for a while.

Search for AUDIOBOOKS on the RT agenda, and...

You can find us attending panels and events, and in the hallways.

Look for people wearing these t-shirts:



If you see someone wearing a shirt like this (or one that says NARRATORS KISS AND TELL) there's a 98.164% chance they're a narrator...or they're a fan. Either way, there's a 100% chance that they'll be friendly, because you have to be friendly to wear a shirt like this. 

See you soon,

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